Chat and Animation

Chat groups are scams !

The next big thing we are building is the Chat of the application 🚀!

Due to the lack of content, other applications are building "Chat Groups" and not "Chat Rooms". Groups make your stay in an application discussing with people that have the same interest, there is no content or activities in groups. Rooms on the other hand are based on content/activities for the users, with users that share the same interest.


Fun fact! The chat messages are synchronized from one phone to the other, we call this streaming (it's instant messages). But we don't stop here for our application we chose to synchronize all the content of the application. Everything is instant!

Here is the animation ✨

It took some time but I managed to do the animation with it's sound effect

What is left to do ?

Small vision of the roadmap and what is left to do 😁 (#thefuturisnear)

purple: currently doing

green: done

grey: left to do

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