• Awesome Lab Happy

    Be happier, thanks to activities that look like you and bring us together.

    Enter your new innovative daily ; by creating and participating in Labs, meet & rediscover your passions and activities.


    Thanks to Ody (the little alien from another galaxy), your guide to assist you and to suggest the best in the real world (finally).


    At home or traveling. Everywhere.


    Tonight or tomorrow? Anytime.


    Get the download link as soon as the app is available!

  • Awesome Lab application

    A new world for you...

    with a (really) playful application.

  • A (really) social network

    Based on your location 📍

    Offer you the best, wherever you are.

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    What will be different with Awesome Lab

    At Awesome Lab, we know the importance of satisfaction

    We believe that encounters change the world...

    So why not keep doing what you love?

    Share your passion with anyone you want.

    During the Labs, discover all the other activities, which will become your new passions.

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    For all occasions, from morning to evening

    Be the actors of your life, enjoy it fully, share greatness and positivity through our future application.

    Created to offer you all the events you will need on a daily basis.

    Created to offer you all the evenings you will truly remember.

    Created to surprise you.

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    Meet, for real!

    Awesome Lab is the best way for you to ...

    Meet people like you and rediscover your city. 👀

    Meet someone to share your lifestyle with.

    Meet other enthusiasts.

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